Atlanta native Jhonny 1k is really starting to heat up the south with his lyrical flow and raging stage presence! Hopping off stages throughout the south and on the promo trail to push his new single we caught up with him to get a glimpse of what’s going on! Adding a much-needed confident swag to the rap game the budding artist embodies an organic stage presence about himself captivating his fans to his music. Jhonny 1k is in the small percentage of artists who are not only industry ready but have just a small job of connecting the dots until he blows up to the masses!

 Not only is he hard working, but he is also putting in the effort to organically build a real fan base and elevate in his career. He grew up in Decatur (east Atlanta), with his family. Growing up they moved around a lot in the Decatur, Dekalb County area, so it’s hard for him to claim any 1 particular neighborhood. Decatur for the most part was where his stomping grounds were at. Growing up Jhonny realized that even though he and his family may not have lived in the safest of neighborhoods, it was still home and he enjoyed the best parts of it. When you’re a young boy raised in an urban community the odds of turning to gang violence and the street life are high but luckily for him his creativity took the lead and he turned to music.

Music is life for Jhonny 1k who mentions it was a very important part of his household growing up. Everyone in his home played a musical instrument as per his mother’s demands. 

“Ma’ dukes didn’t play that. You had to learn to play something if you was going to live in her house.”                                                     Jhonny 1k

Jhonny took to the drums and made that his instrument of choice to master growing up. By 10 years old he also began to start rapping and the rest is history. Since a young boy, creating music was his passion in life. Life passed and in present day, Jhonny is a busy artist living in Atlanta and staying productive with his career. Rather he is hitting different stages around the city or in the studio with top DJs like DJ Plugg, this is a solid artist who is putting the work in. Balancing fatherhood with working towards building his foundation in the music industry keeps his hands full around the clock.

Crediting Atlanta legend Ti as a musical influence as well as being a bigger fan of Notorious BIG for his lyrical delivery influences Jhonny’s creative energetic style. Jhonny is not afraid to let go with his art. When he takes the stage, he owns it.

“Tip always been cold at spittin’, but Biggie was just a different breed with his word play, and the Ready to Die album was the album that changed my whole perspective on rapping.”   Jhonny 1k

There are so many challenges with becoming a successful artist in the business. You have to act as your own manager, publicists, assistant, sponsor, and then take the stage to be the star you are. It can sometimes be overwhelming, and it can take a mental toll on you. Despite all the obstacles related to the grind the ARTIST who stays solid and keeps pushing will end up hitting the top of success! For Jhonny 1k that’s exactly where he is headed. He is the type of artist who is prepared before he creates. When he’s going into the studio, his lyrics, treatment ideas, the concept he wants to create is formulated and ready to build. With this method he can go into the studio and record 4 or 5 tracks easily with substance, and he salutes those who go in off the dome.

Currently his team is pushing his single ‘A Lot’ out now on all platforms. The song was written, mixed and mastered by Jhonny himself and produced by Torey Montana. It’s a street banger for the city to bop to this spring. Listen to A Lot on Spotify Spotify – A Lot

“It gives you that trap vibe to where you can’t do nothing but bounce ya whole body to it and pay attention to what I’m saying even if I’m not saying nothing lol.”    Jhonny 1k

His overall goal with the single is to let the city know that HE IS COMING and planning to make a wave this 2023. With a growing fan base and a lot of support from within the southern music industry this is a sure bet artist to not only appreciate but admire his go-getter mentality. Every year he gets bigger and better and his sound has an authentic organic essence that only describes him!

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