We are at an evolving time right now in the music industry where independent artists have access to so many valuable resources that the need for mainstream record labels is becoming less of a necessity. As long as you have a strategic work ethic and a loyal fanbase the amount of progress you make for yourself as an independent artist is limitless. For SupaStarDaGreat, putting in the foot work is nothing he’s not afraid of doing, and proudly states that he’s been in the trenches pushing his sounds to the masses since day 1, now beginning to see the results of his efforts. With the recent release of his latest single ‘Creed’ the budding rapper has been working overtime doing press runs, shows, and heavy marketing with his team.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the rapper originally started out making beats before going full throttle into the rap game as a music artist. While he was still in high school, he was already directing and shooting his own music videos which evolved into completing successful singles, albums, connections, and overall being respected in the city for his craft.

SupaStarDaGreat managed to hit a major peak in his career after a press run on Atlanta’s notorious radio station Streetz 94.5 FM. This one moment in his career, being at a major radio station gave him the adrenaline needed to push harder to accomplish even more. From there he went on to perform at several stages, but most recently did a breakthrough set at the 2022 Revolt Music Summit where he performed in front of Hip Hop greats DJ Drama, Atl Jacob, and Rhapsody. Not slowing down anytime soon the artist is planning to drop more music at the top of the year including the visual to his new hit single ‘Creed’ out now on all platforms.

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Check out his Q&A below

  1. Talk to us about where you grew up?
    -I grew up around Decatur and East Atlanta which are very close by the way…elementary and middle was in Decatur, high school was in east Atlanta. So, I mainly claim East Atlanta

  2. How did you first fall in love with music?
    -My household, my family was very into music…I had all kind of instruments around my house for as long as I can remember

  3. Who are your musical influences?
    -Lil Wayne, 2pac, Ye, Skooly, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson,

  4. What has been the most challenging aspect of maintaining your career?
    -Keeping up with all the changes in social media and trends that affect how more fans are reached

  5. How do you prepare to go into the studio?
    -I normally don’t, I just have a few beats in a folder and kind of create the vibe as I go along there, it works better for me that way

  6. How would you describe yourself to the world. What do you like to do on your off time, favorite movies, food, introvert, extrovert, etc.?
    -I am very extroverted! I don’t hate on anyone for any reason, love helping people and I’m very passionate about anything I do!
    My favorite food is “Broccoli cheese casserole” and my favorite movie of all time is “8 Mile”. On my off time I just spend time with my son or loved ones!

7. How did you come up with your artist name?
-I wanted a “Big” name to capture my energy and how talented I am at what i do

8. Talk to us about your new single ‘Creed’
-Creed is that one for real! Creed is a high energy club banger that highlights things like how me and all my people getting money, my girl foreign, and how the way I’m kicking it other folks “aren’t popping like me” and when I perform it the crowd goes crazy every time!

9. What do you hope the single to display to the world about you?
-How lyrical and talented I am with the different cadences and melodic flows I use in the song!

10. What are your plans for next year?
-Drop music videos to all the singles I’m pushing and continue to elevate to the next level

11. How would you describe the single in 1 word.

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