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The south has been holding the throne in the Hip-Hop and entertainment scene for some time now! Since the early 90’s we have heard of such movements like ‘Freaknik’ ‘Hotlanta’ ‘DSGB’ the flavor from Mississippi, attitude from Memphis, southern pride from Alabama and the plethora of contributions from Atlanta. Being a southern rapper is not just reppin where you come from, it is a lifestyle. Mazerati Payne, or to his day 1’s ‘Payne’ was born in Meridian Mississippi, also home to David Ruffin and rapper Big Krit. His artist’s name ‘Payne’ has been with him since childhood and stuck with him since. The small country city houses many upcoming rappers all working to hit mainstream success and for Payne it is going to happen! Like many children growing up in the south Payne got his first musical experience at church!

“I grew up in the church because of my mother’s passion for singing”

                                                              Mazerati Payne

With his mother being a member of the Mississippi Mass Choir as well as the choir director in their home church, she of course exposed him to the beauty of Gospel music and being a ‘creative’. Lucky to have her spread this lifestyle to him, most importantly she was the first person in his life who influenced him to 1 day become an artist. She also made her son an honorary member of the church at a young age.

Every single artist remembers the first song they heard that made them fall in love with music. If you can think back long enough you may even remember where you were in life, and how you felt in those moments you heard the song. For Mazerati Payne he was at the playground and the spark happened when he heard Atlanta Hip-Hop boy group ABC (Another Bad Creation). Most known for their hit single ‘Iesha.’

“I was at the playground and some guys were bumping the song through their boombox at the local park, and at that moment I heard a song to which I can relate. From then my love for Hip-Hop grew.”  

                                                     Mazerati Payne

Mazerati Payne is an enthusiastic rapper who gives you his all in his music. He credits his influences to be LL Cool J and Tupac for their raw cross over to the masses, and is inspired by them both. Rather he is rapping over 808’s or giving you his more melodic side to himself, the substance he puts into his art is storytelling, punch lines and true authentic hip-hop with an old school flow to it. He is not too uncomfortable rapping about being in love and wanting a woman or showing his more street side and dropping the bars for his male listeners. Whichever route he goes in this is an artist that highlights the right dedication to want to succeed with his career. This is not a journey that he had to go into alone. The Mississippi rapper mentions that his father has been supportive of his career, giving advice and even helped him purchase his first studio equipment. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree either because his father also enjoyed creating music.

There can be several obstacles thrown at you in life when you are looking to accomplish great things. Being an artist takes a large amount of dedication, patience, and budgeting. The biggest challenge the rapper had to overcome in his career was getting through being locked up.

“I was incarcerated because I let the streets overrun my life and career, during those years I didn’t ever think I would get back to music.”

                                                             Mazerati Payne

In the studio, Mazerati Payne is an artist who prefers to keep a clear conscience in the booth. Admitting to drinking and smoking occasionally, he prefers to write and produce his music free minded. To him this gives him much more control and clarity when he is looking for the right words or melody. The independent artist has his own brand Boomin City Music, but if the right situation comes around for his career, then signing a deal would be in the air. Until then the artist is working on a documentary set to drop next year ‘Campayne Road 2 Victory’, and his debut album ‘Love & Payne’. He also plans to make more of a social media presence for himself by hitting top media platforms in the industry.

Mazerati Payne is a sponge for knowledge. He enjoys reading informative books and articles as well as the encyclopedia. The most important song to him of his career was written while he was locked up ‘Would I Make It Out’ ft Armani Red. Rightfully so he was at a dark place in life during this time and used music as an outlet to escape what he was going through behind bars. Luckily, this is an artist who was able to beat the odds against him, make it out and tell his story. He does not consider himself an ordinary artist and aims to be truthful about himself and how he feels about certain issues. He likes to rap about the things he sees and how he examines the world from his point of view. His family also keeps him grounded so that he does not become lost in his artistry or attempting to break his art to the masses. Mazerati Payne is always open to collaborating with other artists and producers.

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