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Luv4Cru Branding and Company, LLC was launched in 2020 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Luv4Cru is an extension of personal style and taste, blending comfort and luxury together making the brand a force to be reckoned with. Luv4Cru Branding and Co comes with an extreme mindfulness to detail, which we know will set it apart from other local or worldwide brands. 

The brand understands and respects the work ethic it requires to compete with its contemporaries. The Cru is not shy about its elevated level of sophistication put into the brand’s vision. “It has to be in you not on you” says CEO Cru Jay. The combination of those elements will elevate you to superstar status, inner peace, confidence, and the ability to Evolve is Key. The brand represents being well rounded. The “power of hands” plays a significant role in the Brands logo. It is a self-explanatory way of expressing the Luv for humanity the Cru has for the culture. Family, dedication, loyalty, community service, inspiration, and demanding work. Extending helping hands in the world is the brand’s mission. ‘Each one teaches one’ mentality plays a strong role within the core values of the brand.

Luv4Cru acronyms are Life, Understanding, Values, Creatively, Restoring, Unity. From High quality T-Shirts to Luxury style Tracksuits, as the culture grows so will the company. L4C will continue to elevate because we trust the process of what we are trying to create within the fashion industry.

It is Luv4Cru in everything we do!

1.Tell us about your business?

 Luv4Cru means Life Understanding Values Creatively Restoring Unity. The Power of Hands is our official logo symbolizing the unity that is needed within today’s Culture and what is needed within our community. One hand reaching down, one hand reaching up respectfully the roles can be reversed at any time while playing with the hand you were dealt in today’s society! we all have been on both spectrums which makes it realistic and easy to connect. From that I created a clothing based on my personal taste that I have gathered along the way thru traveling the world and based on my vision and experience. 

2. Describe the ground work with getting a clothing brand off the ground?
The groundwork was laid thru having a solid reputation throughout entire life, I have always had a hustler’s mentality and my social network always knew that, so when it was time for me to put my name on anything of substance and quality. I always knew the support would be there, based off my relationships and how I overall treat people. So, getting the culture behind it was not difficult based on the ground work I laid as an everyday person within my community, the support has been amazing… Overwhelming in fact.

3. Where do you get your pieces made?

I cannot disclose where my merchandise is made at, that is like asking the plug, which cartel he is doing business with. lol Next Question

4. How has Atlanta been with supporting your brand?

Atlanta has most definitely been supportive; I am an Atlanta native born and raised in Decatur. I would not have it no other way! It is crazy because in Atlanta everybody thinks they are somebody so to cut thru and Pop off, you got to be on top of your game! Getting love in your hometown is always the key, because if you can make it in Atlanta, you can make it anywhere

5. Have you done a fashion show?

No, I have not, but I most definitely will. For me it is all about timing, set up and the rollout! I have structured the brand to never be in a rush, as a brand we only move when the best opportunity presents itself. I understand oversaturation and all looks ain’t good looks, in today’s market you must be careful about things like that, especially if you want to be around for a long time.

6.Have you done any editorial shoots for your brand?

 No editorial shoots have been done yet for several reasons, but most importantly we want to establish ourselves in the streets first. In this industry people want to feel like they are growing with you, I figured that out. That is how you get the most support when the people feel as though they see your come up. Too much too soon has a way of hurting a brand more than helping. it is a sweet science to see how I operate as a CEO/Creative director.

7. What does ‘Fashion’ mean to you?

Fashion means everything to me, it is truly who I an, Everything I do is centered 

around being Dope and provocative! Fashion is truly my way of sharing my gifts and talents with the world, God knew I was not going to be satisfied until I had a platform to highlight my gifts to the world. My biggest fear was being bottled up with creativity and no outlet to share it.

8. What has been the biggest challenge with your company?

 The most difficult part about having a clothing brand is the scaling of it, you most definitely must be in tuned with the fashion culture and trends. You should be in a position to produce something that the people will want to represent and spend their money on. I am a perfectionist and I have a fine eye for detail. I am mainly harder on myself. I care about how my clothing looks on the backs of the culture. 

9. Is your collection sold in stores?

Yes, it is sold in a particular store. We have a great relationship with The House of Fresh, and we were blessed with the opportunity to highlight some of the collection there. Outside of that we mainly drive a lot of sales through our website. We have a heavy online presence that does rather good for us. We are a boutique style street couture brand and very particular about who we partner up with. Luv4Cru aspires to be sold in Saks and some of the upscale boutique stores. In order to do that you have to carry your brand more exclusively. 

10.What type of pieces do you make?

 Our brand specializes in street couture. Mainly athleisure gear. Day to Day Vibes. We have our signature hoodies called the “combination hoodies” mainly for the people who wear jewelry and like chains to lay flat around the collar of a hooded sweatshirt. We also do graphic t shirts, sweatsuits, legging sets, polo shirts, crop hoodies, joggers, socks, and Hats

11. What has been your signature piece?

Our signature piece is Our lifestyle Tracksuits. The streets really gravitated to our tracksuits, they do well. We release assorted color options to really compete with our contemporaries. Our tracksuits have even reached the big stars like 50 Cent who was spotted rocking our brand in a current promotion video. That felt amazing!

12.Which famous celebrities would you like to see in your collection?

 Most recently 50 Cent, Drumma Boy, Rap artist 1playy, pro boxer Roddricus “Hot Rod” Livsey and a host of up-and-coming talents. But most importantly the streets. We connected to the Street fashion culture., the street always dictates the motion, you penetrate that market everything will fall in place.

13.How do you feel about the Atlanta fashion industry?

 The Atlanta fashion industry is dope, everybody has something going on. However how the culture gravitates to it depends on a number of varied factors. Luv4Cru just focuses on what we bring to the game, the consistency is what keeps us rising above the competition. It is a different energy surrounding what we have going on. We are focused on that.

14.How has music and the arts impacted your brand?

 The music industry plays a key role in what Luv4cru is doing because they are the driving force of the visibility aspect of having a clothing line. Essentially the artist wants to be seen and they want to be in the latest and greatest fashion pieces at all time! So as a creative all I must do is deliver the goods and it is an easy connection. Artists want to feel exclusive, and that is the vibes I create with…those are my exact intentions.

15. Culturally what does your brand bring to the community?

Our power of hands logo speaks volumes and is self-explanatory. Our brand has a cultural impact of positivity and energy surrounding it. We plan to do more charitable events, giveaways and pop-up shops that will gain us more visibility in our community. It is Luv4Cru in everything We do. 

16.What is on the calendar coming up?

 More Collections to come for men and women. We plan on being a household name within the fashion culture. We also envision having a flagship store here in Atlanta, a place where you can purchase our gear backed with an experience. More photoshoots with big artists, more collaborations with mainstream brands and more brand recognition. Luv4Cru is most definitely here to stay.

Luvenia “Luxe” Payton Vice President

Luv4Cru Branding and Co. | Office: (404) 836-0432 

Facebook: luv4cru branding and co.| Instagram: luv4cru_brandingandco

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