Growing up overly talented can be a lot for even the most creative induvial to carry on their shoulders. It’s one thing to be a professional actor, athlete, or singer, but when you’re literally balancing between being a successful actor, writer, radio personality, comedian and record owner life can pull you in several different directions at one time making things sometimes overwhelming. For Tory, he is for sure balancing all his endeavors to the best of his ability and is making names for himself throughout several different genres. Before we touch on the talents coming from Tory, we should visit his earlier days, so you have a transparent understanding of how he came to be.

A real Atlanta native, straight from Ben Hill (Zone 4), Tory grew up in the projects and had to learn the art of survival early on. Being raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city caused him to see a lot of shocking, even traumatizing things he had to mentally process at a young age. Growing up being the oldest of 2 brothers and 2 sisters the future mogul always had a friend for fun times. He has several family ties with other artists in the business, including being cousins with rapper BRS Kash, as well as 1st cousins with a member of the notorious Atlanta rap group Travis Porter. His father, johnny Mims owned the oldest alternative club in Atlanta, while his grandfather Clifford Hunter owned several long running businesses throughout the city and was a local celebrity. Tory aka Pimpin Pablo was an industry baby in the making despite his beginning obstacles.

This dual star has two sides of him. Tory Jabaris the actor, writer, and entrepreneur, his more professional side, while Pimpin Pablo is the rapper, comedian, and dark side to his art. Knowing when and where to be who he wants has leveled up his resume with movies, music releases, books and successful projects dropping from all different avenues.

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