Conservative Candace Owens and rapper Cardi B have been going at each other’s necks for quite some time now. What begin as Cardi B mentioning Candace Owens for supporting Donald Trump, who she says is a racist, started an entire social media battle with both women going tit for tat at each other. Candace Owens has openly supported President Trump since the beginning of his campaign and has been quite the cheerleader for him. The Blexit founder encourages the Black community to ‘be free’ and abandon the Democratic party, which she believes has not been beneficial with the advancement of the community. Candace Owens has had words with several influential celebrities in the industry, for her political stance and constant belittling of Black people, specifically ones who do not share her same beliefs. Many Americans gasped in shock at her comments about the past murder of George Floyd, and him not being innocent, nor deserving of being labeled a martyr. Most recently she mentioned the Democratic party being too comfortable with the ‘baby momma’ title, which is a term used to describe a single mother without a husband.  Cardi B went live from her social media platform and called out Owens for selling out by being in support of Trump. Her reasons being, that he has not done enough regarding keeping Americans safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic, nor giving the country enough sufficient information related to the virus. Candace Owens recently uploaded her third response to the ‘WAP’ rapper telling her she is attacking the fight for racial integration, and that she believes in racial segregation.  Candace goes on nearly an 8-minute rant stating we need to start calling out these “racists entertainers” and lastly promoting her new book, which seems to be her biggest strategy in all her videos. The conservative ‘BlackOut’ author is offended that Cardi B would drag her husband into the battle and downplay him because of the color of his skin. Candace goes on to bring up the fact that tennis player Serena Williams is also married to a white man, and that her white fans should no longer be in support of the Bodak Yellow rapper. With the upcoming Presidential election in November, Cardi recently sat down with Democratic candidate Joe Biden to discuss the importance of everyone voting and getting Donald Trump out of office!  Watch the video below and be sure to register to vote!

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  1. Neither, if they are ripping eachother apart to make a point, they both have different platforms so they resonate with their audience differently.. i think what they’re doing now is trying to prove alpha-shewoman

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