Crush Cuisine LLC is serving delicious plates and gourmet cooking all over the metro Atlanta area.

At a time when the world has been hit by so much devastation and despair due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the heightened media attention towards police brutality, the out pour of support for Black owned businesses is growing every day world wide. Atlanta, also known as ‘Black Hollywood’ houses all the movers and shakers in different genres across the board from music and show business, to culinary. This is a city where individuals relocate to accomplish their biggest goals and aspirations. Surviving in Atlanta is not for the uninspired or idle, so moving to the city and expecting to become a big name overnight is usually not how it happens. With hard work, dedication, excellent networking, and great service in whatever you do, reaching a level of financial success is as realistic as the days of the week.

Brooklyn native, now a resident of Atlanta, Angelo Wilson has taken the city by storm with his rising successful culinary company Crush Cuisine. Angelo Wilson began his experience in the food- service industry many years ago working under Chefs in different kitchens to earn his stripes. Always willing to go the extra mile in the food industry, and creating new dishes from a range of different cuisines such as Spanish, American, Italian, even Haitian, he would be responsible for the ‘special of the week’ quite often in any restaurant he worked in. Working under someone else in the kitchen was not what he wanted for his own recipes, so once earning his serve-safe certification, and becoming fully educated in the culinary industry, he decided to work for himself. What begin as making meal preps for a select amount of close associates, grew into many more clients, and requests for wedding / event catering under his resume. Word of mouth spread like wild fire in the city about his amazing Surf – n -Turf and Seafood Boils! Till this very day Crush Cuisine is booming weekly with loyal customers who enjoy their tasty meals. Growing a large rolodex of dedicated clients, every week the company is dropping off meal preps, their famous Seafood Boil complete with a signature Crush sauce, catering at the best events and more. With the hours moving much faster these days, a lot of people just do not have the time to cook healthy, made from scratch meals at home every night. Crush Cuisine is relieving some of that stress for you and can deliver 3-day, 5- day even 2-week meal prep solutions for you and your family.

The Crush Cuisine Seafood Boil has also been a major hit all summer with customers requesting full boils weekly and the special sauce. The time to support a business is now, and Crush Cuisine is one of our favorite food experiences to dine with. Also having exceptional customer service and prompt delivery sets the bar high for others to follow. During the upcoming fall season Crush Cuisine will soon be hosting Pop-Up Shops in different areas of the city so stay tuned to their social media for updates. Links are below and check out a highlight from a recent event they catered in Atlanta.

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