From South Carolina to Black Hollywood’s Mecca ‘Atlanta’, Carlos Brown Continues to Break Barriers in the Music Industry with Celebrity Filled Music Showcases & Excellent Opportunities for Upcoming Artists!!

Carlos Brown, also known in the streets as the infamous ‘Carolina Grinda’ is the CEO and founder of the Real Network Promo Brand. A stellar platform for aspiring artists to be a part of, Carlos has worked behind today’s biggest names in the business in terms of helping them find the structure and tools needed […]

Hip-Hop Queen Crystal Lalucci Drops New Single ‘SWEAT’!!

Atlanta’s most slept on female Hip-Hop artist, Crystal Lalucci has new music out and is continuously proving to the industry why she is ‘Lulu with The Bars’. Dubbed the catchy nickname after performing at a packed show in Atlanta, the DJ who saw her performing began the tag after hearing her lyrical word flow and […]

Dirti Diana New Music #SelfMade Ft Euro Gotit

From New York to Atlanta, the world is catching on to the wave we know as the Ebony Goddess named Dirti Diana. With her strong lyrical delivery and raw energy, she is every bit of the missing ingredient we needed in the Hip-Hop Industry. Hailing from the Bronx, she credits Lauryn Hill and Onyx as […]

How Luh T5 Is Putting West Palm Beach on The Map in Hip-Hop!

West Palm Beach rapper Luh T5 is that young, hungry artist that comes into the game turning heads with the consistency and his style to back it up. With a very fashionable look he can double as a model or actor, but music is his passion. He has been recording music since he was in […]

J Staxx Talks His Plans For Taking Over The Rap Game!

When you think of the diversity in the Hip-hop Industry you cannot help but notice the rise of dope rap artists on the scene in Florida. The beach life is not the only wave to chase in the 305, and the music industry is full of opportunity for upcoming artists. All the major cities there […]