Fpc Lo Talks #ForeverPaperChasers, Working For Studio Time & DJ 14!

By: Theresa & Carisha Fpc Lo is 1 of the freshest rappers out on the scene who was born in the Bahamas and raised in West Palm Beach Florida. He and a handful of Florida’s hardest artists are all a part of a group called Florida Paper Chasers, or Forever Paper Chasers which is abbreviated […]

South Carolina’s Finest Rapper ‘Rawdo’ on Making It Out His Hometown!

South Carolina is really making noise in the music industry. Rawdo is a Hip-Hop machine putting on for his city. Heavily influenced by Speaker Knockerz and Biggie Smalls, the young MC is taking all the proper steps to get his music heard and loved by as many people as possible. These days more then ever […]

Georgia Rapper Jaayk Putting on For the South!

The south has truly taken the crown in the Hip-Hop Industry as a collective. Rather your reppin Texas, Georgia, New Orleans, the Carolinas, or Alabama these are the states where artists are coming into the rap game snatching necks and going the hardest. Jumping into the industry head on to see what heights he can […]