We made it into a new year yet again. Running into 2023, rapper Jiiggy is coming into the rap game bringing the vibes that we didn’t know we needed. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York where everything is about being flashy, glitz, and glamorous you have to not only look the part but be prepared to protect yourself and your property at all times. Although he admits you have to be alert in the north, he also 100% enjoys and represents where he came from.

Jiiggy’s musical influences includes YMCMB MEGA STAR Lil Wayne, whom he says inspires a lot of his artistry. He is also a fan of Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. With a signature flow of his own, adding a fresh spin on his bars with his New York accent and swag, the artist’s latest single ‘Big Pimpin’ is earning all its flowers! The track also features Connie Diiamond and Deveye. Not only does the single highlight the popular city of Brooklyn in the video, but the song is also catchy, fresh, and the perfect body of work to highlight how exclusive of an artist he is!  Full of personality and energy, Jiiggy is a rapper you can put with any genre of artist, and he will shine through.

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