New York Strangers

NY STRANGERS is a New York Rangers themed project inspired by the state’s Hockey team, specifically in the genre of boom bap rap. It is laced with lyrical bars, hard beats, and showcases the musical talent that Queens, NY rapper JBurna718 is bringing to the game! This project by JBurna & Deeperthandreams is about being a voice for those who grind hard every day and get no recognition regardless of how much work they put in day in and day out. It was created for the average working person who feels almost like a stranger in life, just as an independent artist who is giving their career all the energy they have and still feels as if they’re not getting their recognition. The project is every bit of a Hip-Hop masterpiece that any music lover would appreciate start to finish. The vision for the project was to inspire everyone to keep working hard, stay focused and keep striving for their dreams no matter what anyone says and regardless of if they feel like a stranger.

“It has never been done before. I’m the first artist mixing up Hockey references with Hip-Hop music.”


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1.      Tell us about how you first fell in love with music

Growing up in Queens, New York I used to hear my uncle Ricky always blasting music out his bedroom hearing Emcees such as Nas, Slick Rick, NORE, AZ, Cormega, LL COOL J, Kool G, Mobb Deep… you name it he had it!

LIVE AT THE BBQ by Nas was it for me, Illmatic album, & then of course hearing 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Mobb Deep.

2.      How do you typically prepare to go in the studio. Do you drink, smoke, dance, what’s the vibes for you?

I gotta have the gas and the food, plus plenty of water. To be honest me and the team are always focused on getting straight to work, QGTM (Queens Get the Money) Records LLC is our team label. For the most part I just like to have positive energy and positive vibes. Depending on the mood I’m in I’m not a big drinker, but when I do I drink Henny.

3.      Tell us a secret your fans don’t know about you?

I used to be a dental assistant. Now I currently work full time as a maintenance supervisor managing 47 buildings at the moment, as well as Renovating houses or commercial businesses as my side work. Music is where my heart is and my escape and outlet.

4.      Where is your happy place?

Being with family, loved ones, with my team QGTM RECORDS or just in the studio vibing and creating music. I’m always working on my craft.

5.      When are you most nervous or unsure with yourself?
I wouldn’t call it being nervous but more like excited every time I perform on stage or just in general before performing. I love that energy and I feed off of it.

6.      Behind the grind, the social media shinning, the filters, lights, showing the best of you tell us who deep down you really are. Aree you an introvert, when are you most happy, do you work out, have you been in love?

I’m basically a regular dude just a hard-working individual, genuine and always humble never forgetting where I come from always willing to help others, ambitious, definitely not an introvert. I am most happy when I get to spend time with my family and definitely being locked in the studio working, helping others in need. I definitely should work out more I would say that I believe it’s very important for your mindset. Health is wealth… and yes, I have been in love I can’t cap on that.

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