Rapper Hbk Kdubb may be a savage in the streets, but his lyrics are even harder! The Haitian born Atlanta rapper has an arsenal of hit singles on his new album, but his debut single Paul Walker needs to be on everybody’s playlist this summer! Heating up the Atlanta rap scene, the rapper has had quite a strong start this summer with successful club appearances, performances and growing his fan base.  The rap game is constantly shinning light on new stars every day, and with the help of a dedicated team and consistent marketing, the opportunities for success are endless. Kdubb is an artist who strategically puts out dope work of solid organic quality. With an authentic stage presence and organic sound, he is a surprise artist that you instantly become a fan of once you hear his sound.

Growing up poor the rapper watched his mother move mountains to see that he was taken care of. Many nights he was left alone while his mom worked, forcing him to learn life for himself and survival. What got him into music was nothing short of a miracle. While in school for business he got into an altercation leading him to being stabbed near a major artery. While being in the ICU for 5 days it was then he decided to pursue music as an outlet and has been progressing in it since.

Already on a series of promo runs in the south, the rising star has encountered danger head on after recently being shot at outside his Georgia home. Letting his music speak for himself, the rapper has announced a new project titled ‘100 Shots’ to be released in July following the tragic incident. The perpetrators left shell casings and bullet holes, while the celebrated rapper was left unharmed. Although the rapper has not released an official statement regarding the incident, a few cryptic messages on his social media accounts suggesting a tell all on his upcoming project ‘100 Shots’ has since been deleted. Follow Kdubb on Instagram @hbkkdubb • Instagram photos and videos and be sure to download #NOFEATURES out now. No Features by Hbk Kdubb – DistroKid

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