The music industry continues to evolve as the seasons pass and each quarter more independent artists are getting into the mix simply be utilizing the plethora of resources available to them in recent years. With so many social media platforms, DIY music upload distributors, independent A&Rs and PR agencies, a diligent artist can land a hit record on the music charts without any mainstream label backings. With a loyal fan base, and slight understanding of the music business, controlling your own narrative is the freshest option. The recipes for success become even more easy to accomplish with strong marketing ideas. Zay Bcuz and Zhane Vegas are two Georgia born artists who took a fresh direction with their sound by going back to the past to sample the legendary songbird known as ‘Aaliyah’

Zay mentions the two artists were working together in the studio on the track late one night before another artist walked in on their session and told them it would be a hit! They decided to complete the project and drop it as a collab together. Zhane got to the studio after having a fight with his girlfriend, so he went to go clear his head and ended up with their track ‘More Than.’

“We wanted to show people Zhane’s song writing ability matched with the right production and us both having an ear for sound making great nostalgic music.”

                                                                             Zay Bcuz


Not only does the single have a familiar but fresh beat, the two artists go bar for bar complimenting each other’s sound. They also kept the original orchestra on the track initially used by Aaliyah.

Stone Mountain, Georgia native Zay Bcuz has been doing music for well over 20 years and actively in the industry for 10.

Atlanta native and artist Zhane Vegas may not be much of a social media addict, but he is for sure going to let his music speak for him. With a unique sound and original style, his music is not only good to listen to, but he fills his art with creative story telling adding substance to his work.

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