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Emmano Dieudonne was born in Long Island, New York and is of Haitian descent. He began his venture into the entertainment industry after relocating to Atlanta, Georgia for better business opportunities. It was in the Hip Hop Mecca that the proud Haitian American began his career as an entrepreneur. First, let’s touch on his earlier days.

Born on a summer day in June, the rising entertainment consultant was raised by a strict Haitian mother who poured all the knowledge of life into him early on. She and his stepfather were present in his life and kept a strict watch over him growing up. Their nurturing upbringing assisted with him developing the maturity and strong business sense he has today. The oldest out of 3 siblings, Emmano was always the familiar face in Long Island who was ‘cool’ with everyone. His relaxed demeanor makes him easy to get along with and overall helped with building his face card in the industry. Growing up he was passionate about the art of Hip-Hop music which ultimately led him to managing up and coming talents from his city. Very proficient in the history / culture of Rap music, as well as the business side of getting an artist to the next level, jump started his work as an artist manager. Before he started managing artists, he also spent time as a rapper himself, so he is seasoned on both sides of the fence as an artist and manager. Working with rising music artists and developing them for success has always been his strong points which created the birth of his business, ED Entertainment Consultant Firm. Launching his work with local artists who also came from his hometown got him outside networking in the Atlanta entertainment scene. Heavily connected with several of the cities industry execs, clubs, socialites, and music groups allowed him to pull in situations, placements and opportunities for the artists on his roster.

Ambitious is a huge quality of his and when he felt like the talents, he had on his roster weren’t putting in enough effort, he decided to get involved with other avenues for his brand. Not able to fully perform his skill set the way he wanted to with his artists led him to launch his own company that would allow him to broaden his opportunities. The birth of Ed Entertainment has now turned the budding business mogul into a full- time entertainment consultant where he works hands on with performing independent artists development, branding services, management and PR work.

1 of his fastest growing services are his artist consultations where he does in-depth strategic conferences with artists to create a full business plan for success to alleviate the artist from over- thinking and over-working; thus, allowing them to focus more on being the artist. Nick named ‘Mr. Connect the Dots’ for his approach at pulling plans of action together, Emmano will come up with a sound objective for all of his clients. Not slowing down with his new venture, he is also involved in event production, and has produced events with several companies including LIVE WITH CARISHA MEDIA, Taylor Frucel Events / PR, Iam Me Suites, Dirty Reds Catering, and more.

His strongest assets include Project Management, Consultant Services, and Event production. His latest venture the Rucker Atlanta Basketball Tournament #KingofTheFlatTops will be a tournament held on August 20th, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia. The upcoming game will also be a charity event to raise funding and supplies for the 13 Love Performing Arts Youth Center in Clayton County, Georgia.

For business services / contact him by email at Follow him on Instagram EDEntertainment (@1emmano) • Instagram photos and videos

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