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Rapper / songwriter O.T.3. has enough bars to shut down a train station. His artistโ€™s name is a playoff of his actual name Obie Threadford, and the rap game is about to get a little more interesting with his arrival! Very lyrically gifted and embodying the true essence of being a RAPPER, the Meridian city native has begun to turn quite a few heads in the music industry. Just recently he started traveling to Atlanta, the mecca of Hip-Hop music and really earned a name for himself. On this journey we would need to go to the beginning to see where he is headed. The 1st song he heard that made him fall in love with music was Dr. Dre featuring Eminem โ€˜Forgot about Dreโ€™, and he has been hooked into the world of Hip-Hop ever since then.

Growing up in the south was life for O.T.3. who is from a small Mississippi town. The baby out of 3 children, his mother and father were both present in his life raising him to be the man he is today. Coming from blessed beginnings, he did not necessarily grow up in a low-income community, but he did not live in the suburbs either. The budding rap star was raised to work hard, and his parents instilled in him the importance of being a successful man. He has memories of his parents working extremely hard to provide for him and his siblings. His father would work long shifts and often came home exhausted but never neglected his duties of being a father. His mother worked for the local school system while taking night classes at the University. A memory that his parents often reminded him was to always work hard and do not put yourself in a position to have to ask for handouts. Tough love was given out in his familyโ€™s household growing up.

O.T.3. has been putting a lot of dedication into his career. The 20-year-old rising rap star has made quite the name for himself amongst gatekeepers in the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene. The lyrical beast took home 1st place two 2xs in a row at Atlantaโ€™s Bars is Back competition put together by Carlos Brown. He also won 1st place in a listening session with Atlanta rapper Jose Guapo. He is for sure going to be amongst the heavy hitters in the game respectfully due to his authentic hard core rap music, unfazed delivery, and signature sound. Musically influenced by Tupac Shakur and moved by how he changed the Hip-Hop culture with his out-spoken words about social injustices in the community, O.T.3. is an artist who is going to give you substance in anything he drops out the booth. He is also a fan of Blues Music, giving him a creative edge with his artistry. Staying in the studio more then 4xs a week, the rapper is not only hard working, but enthusiastic about his craft. Although his biggest challenge is currently not having a team behind him, he manages with those closest to him who support his movement.

Follow O.T.3. on Instagram here โ€“ MR.3 (O.T.3 NATION TAKEOVER) (@o.t.3_official) โ€ข Instagram photos and videos ย ย O.T.3. is currently working on a new Mixtape and is planning to release his 1st album later this year.

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  1. A very talented and hardworking young man. True to his passion as an artist and performer. May God continue to Bless him. He comes from a family who believes in the power of Prayer. We love you O.T.3 and is very proud of you.
    Your cousin Tammie

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