By: Carisha

Florida song writer / artist Black Whiskey is a talent unlike no other. Raised by a foster family, he had to learn early how to get things done for himself including taking charge of his flourishing music career. Growing up he never felt indifferent to his peers being a foster child. His mother made a challenging decision early on that she was not prepared to take on motherhood and over all just wanted the best for him. To this day the two still have a relationship and was able to grow past a rough beginning. Being without his birth mother may have been challenging for the artist who ended up getting into trouble and had to spend 7 years locked up. During his time away he spent his days reading and sharpening his mind to push through the agony of missing being at home.

At an early age he experienced struggle and took the initiative to change his life for the better. He fills his music with real life situations and storytelling. His sound is completely unheard of, and he is one of the pioneers of blending Hip- Hop with Country Music. From 1st look of his appearance he fits the bill of a trap artist, until you listen to his unique sound. Black Whiskey has raw vocals that sound so distinguished he is for sure going to shake up the music industry. Noting that he is fans of the Ying Yang Twins, and LiL Jon, he considers himself a Georgia boy at heart. It was just until recently that Black Whiskey began to take his career seriously and really got in tune with writing his own music and learning the fundamentals of the music business. Living the fast life as an independent artist in the streets, balancing his music and being the manager behind his own brand, he spends a large amount of time recording.

With the approach of the final quarter of the year he plans to spend the summer recording new music and growing his fan base. He is highly interested in working with new producers as well as collabing with other artists.

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