Preshr is a female MC you will instantly remember even after her presence has left the room. With a steady rise of female MC’s coming to the industry she is a contender that we will see overall. Extremely lyrical and embodying an overconfident demeanor on any track she hops on; her fans are quickly falling in love with her style and sound. This is a new artist whose only been in the game a brief time and has accomplished a slate full in a little under 4 years.

What got her into the rap game was nothing short of magic! After witnessing an ex-boyfriend and his cousins free-styling back and forth in her living room she was intrigued by the art of Hip-Hop and decided if they could do it, then she could to. Enlisting the help of her sister to write her 1st song with Preshr shooting the video, helped to get the ball rolling and building her momentum. Shortly after a Rap star was born, and she has been outside hitting stages and networking ever since then. A fan of Grammy winning artist Cardi B, Preshr became even more inspired to jump into the rap game once witnessing how outspoken she is with her artistry. At a time where female artists are uplifting each other and partnering together, wanting to be a part of pop-culture history is normal!

“I’ve been making my own music and trying to become a better artist every day”


“I want my fans to love my music for speaking the realest shit and being able to express what’s real about me, and around me”.


She is comfortable putting in the work to achieve her goals and with music being her biggest passion she will do everything it takes to be the next BIG ARTIST!

With the summer season approaching, Preshr plans to continue pushing her music to the masses. She is currently promoting her latest single ‘Up the Price’ and plans to follow up with another single so that her fan base can continue to establish a feel for her sound. She is also ready to network with other artists and producers so feel free to follow her on Instagram here to tap in PRESHR (@preshrcapatalized) • Instagram photos and videos

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