Whitney Sweetwine

We are at a beautiful period right now in the entertainment business. Today independent artists are using many valuable resources readily available that weren’t around just 15 years ago or so! With booming social media sites allowing creatives to brand their own talent and do it yourself, upload platforms to stream your own music, with the right drive and determination the possibilities for success are endless. Whitney Sweetwine also known as ‘Songwriter Bae’ is an extremely talented, rare artist who embodies her own authentic style. Her sound is quite poetic and rather she is singing or rapping, one stop at her music channel online and you will become a lifetime subscriber. Everyday independent artists are jumping into the music business headfirst and while a majority may never reach the level of success they hoped for, Whitney is doing all the right things with her artistry to make sure she does!

Heavily inspired by Beyonce because of her consistency and determination, the DC native is motivated by the greats before her who paved the way for sing/ trap R&B sounds to dominate the airways. Another powerhouse artist she appreciates is Rihanna. Whitney says she fell in love with music because of her mom. As a child her mother exposed her ears to all different genres of music including Rock, pop, country, heavy metal, rap, R&B, and even the oldies. She was molded into a musical palette of diversity before even graduating High School! Balancing a music career is no joke and Whitney’s happy place is visiting different restaurants and being outside in the world. It helps to cultivate her creative energy. This talent feels as if her music can create a level of appreciation for anyone who listens. She does not keep herself in a box and she writes about real life situations to Horne her craft. As of now the budding artist is currently still residing in DC but is willing to travel for bookings and shows. She is working on growing her fan base and networking with as many creatives as possible. 

  “I was always stimulated by sound and writing; I went to the studio for the 1st time at 18 years-old and from there have been obsessed with the craft ever since.”

                                                                                                     Whitney Sweetwine

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