The summer season is on the way and your favorite notorious group known for bringing the party vibes just released their latest single ‘Ten’ out now on all platforms. The American Hip-Hop trio hailing from Atlanta, Georgia is known for dropping previous hits including ‘Make it Rain’, ‘Bring it Back’, ‘Ayy Ladies’ and more. After signing with Jive records in 2010, label mates Ali, Quez and Strap had their entire city rocking to their hits, which ultimately led them to stealing the hearts of music lovers worldwide for their fun, dance type music. Trend setters in their own right, Travis Porter opened the door for artists to tap into making party Hip-Hop music. Taking a hiatus a few years ago to focus on solo projects, their genuine love for the group brought them back together and they are BUSY working hard in the studio these days! Since the beginning they have always had their own sound and where amongst the originators in the wave that created a lane for feel good rap music.


Their latest single ‘Ten’ produced by musical genius ‘Brenden Powers’ features a fresh melody and catchy hook that is already making it’s rounds on Tik Tok. Brenden, who both sings and produces his own music is for sure going to be having a major breakout summer with all his upcoming placements. The all-around talent has an aura about him that screams fame. His own solo project ‘Love at First Sight’ is a PHENOMINAL body of work that without a doubt will give you an idea of just how talented he truly is. Currently residing in Atlanta, he is horning in on building his brand by networking and staying consistent with his music career.

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Check out #Ten below

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