By: Carisha & Jeff

OG Kurb is one of the many artists out of Fort Lauderdale, FL who is on his way to becoming mainstream. A very hard-working artist, when currently asked what he is working on, stated that he was in the process of developing music videos for his recent mixtapes. He didn’t specifically give a date of when they would be released but be on the lookout because they most definitely will be amazing just like all the music he puts out for his fans. The eccentric rapper is also a budding entrepreneur and has a growing successful dog breeding business.

When asked what upcoming projects did he have, he stated that he was also working on his next mixtape titled “Mr. Lauderdale.” Every artist wants to rep where they’re from and want to put on for their city, but you must have a major influence to be able to do so. When you’re as talented as an artist as OG Kurb, there’s no question to whether it’s possible if you can make a major impact on the city and have a tremendous amount of support behind you.

OG Kurb mentioned that he has big plans for the year 2022. He plans to keep dropping great music, but he also stated that he wanted to audition for roles in movies and TV series. Today with social media sites developing a content creator lifestyle for genres all across the board, it’s very easy to grow a steady fanbase to highlight your talents and possibly land a role in a feature film. Kurb is the epitome of not limiting yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. OG Kurb proves that there’s nothing you can’t do if you don’t try because you don’t know what you’re capable of.

OG Kurb would love to 1 day collaborate with Kodak Black, Smokey Robinson, and Too Short. There’s no limit to the type of magic these artists could all create together, and with his strong work ethic it won’t be a surprise to see it unravel in the near future. With Mr. Lauderdale and Mr. Gremlin putting on for the entire state of Florida, to adding a west coast fill along with an old school vibe?! It’s safe to say that these other artists definitely have some major competition.

Finally, we asked OG Kurb what were his thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop? His answer was that Hip-Hop is on a lyrical comeback to the way it used to be back in the day and that more artists are actually starting to make sense. With that being said, does this mean that mumble rap will eventually fade out to make room for lyricists and not just artists? The only way to find out is to stay tuned and see what the future holds.

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