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Drill music started in Chicago years ago with rapper Chief Keef and has since then spread widely across the music scene. Drill is a style of trap music defined by its dark, violent, and nihilistic lyrical content with ominous trap-influenced beats. With a plethora of female rappers jumping into the game the outspoken ‘Mz. Muffy’ is amongst those ready to “Talk her shit.” We mean that literally, her single Talk My Shhhhh” is a catchy song with a nice beat that is definitely a club banger. Besides the song already being great, the title instantly grabs your attention because it makes you want to see what Mz. Muffy has to say on the track! Although Muffy 100% loves her hometown and their contributions to the music game, she is much more than just a drill rapper!

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Currently Mz. Muffy is in the works of releasing two new singles with visuals to follow up with them. A strategic artist, she put a budget behind her song and started a now viral challenge from her social media platforms to promote it. The challenge was just to get people talking, but now that she has their attention it is time to show people what she is about and the definition of what a boss chick truly is. She stated that she has a BIG move coming soon, and her fans will need to stay tuned to her online. An artist who likes to leave some mystery to her image, you will for sure want to tap in with her this year. As mysterious as she is about her music, when it comes to content creating ‘Social Media Influencer’ is heating up on her resume checklist. She is dedicated to her Tik Tok and making catchy videos to keep people drawn to her. Check her out here Mz.MuffyOfficial (@mz.muffyofficial) TikTok | Watch Mz.MuffyOfficial’s Newest TikTok Videos

To make it in the music business or anywhere for that matter, you must put in the work, and it is not easy either. Along with grinding, long studio hours and late-night performances, you must be in the streets networking so that people know who you are. When Mz. Muffy was asked what her plans are for the rest of 2022, she responded that her focus was to maximize her brand with heavy marketing and networking to grow her reach.

Mz. Muffy is all about women empowerment, so she pridefully surrounds herself around other Boss Chicks! The Chicago native’s dream collab is to 1 day work with Nicki Minaj whom she considers the Queen of Rap. Everyone has their own opinion about the current state of Hip-Hop but from the eyes of Mz, Muffy she is loving all the different personalities from the talented fresh faces in the game. If given the opportunity she is also looking forward to working with a few of the vet female rappers still breaking barriers in the game.

Everyday female artists deal with a load of pressure in the industry about their look, music, image and how they are looked at from their male counterparts. In most cases it can be stressful when you’re trying to find yourself. The energetic MC uses a tunnel vision approach to focus on her own path and not worry too much on what other people have to say or think about her. According to Mz. Muffy, that old narrative about female rappers is changing quickly as today the game has evolved into much more than a male-dominated industry.

“I feel that we are at a time in music where everyone knows that female artists are coming just as hard as men, and they are making a name for themselves”

                                                                               Mz. Muffy

 As stated before, the narrative is what it has always been, which is “sex sales.” Some female artists feel as though they must get their body done to be attractive in the industry, regardless of how good their music is. Mz. Muffy was asked did she fit that narrative and plan to do any body enhancements. Her response was that the only body enhancements that she would be doing is body sculpting and that she has a body contouring business called Vip3Body. Ladies make sure you check her out here

With a sincere heart of gold, but complete savage on the track, Mz. Muffy highly salutes all the female artists that paved the way for girls like her to live her dreams. Mz. Muffy is heavily empowered by other female greats including Saweetie, Nicki Minaj, Meg Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Beyoncé, Queen Latifah and Jekalyn Carr.

To understand the mind of an artist you must dig deep into their music. We asked her to talk about the most memorable song she ever created and why… She said that it was unreleased, but the song was called ‘Above the Rim.’ This song is the most memorable to her because she is touching on things that she understands are touchy subjects but still need to be brought up and addressed. In this song she stated that she talks about the cause, effects, and possible solutions to what she thinks are huge community issues. It is very commendable to see an artist who is very much in tune with social injustices and matters that effect the community.

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