King Mike Luster is a Detroit native who plans to take the rap game by storm. With the appreciation and knowledge of real Hip-Hop behind him the MC is 100% invested into his craft and giving the game everything that he has. Growing up in the inner city of Detroit is no walk in the park. At an early age, the rapper had to jump off the porch and find a way for himself to survive the streets every day. He was raised by a single mother and had to learn things the hard way. Being a young Black male in any city is challenging and the odds are stacked so hard against you, statistically speaking jail or death are quite the norm. There was always a thought in the back of his mind that 1 day could be his last on earth and he could get arrested, or even worse found dead trying to survive the streets. King Mike was heavily exposed to the Church life growing up and like most normal city kids his mother would systematically take him on Sunday mornings to worship. Learning to grow a strong appreciation for Church, he references religion and such throughout his music. While going to church he learned how to play the drums which later helped his artistry and horning his sound. Eventually he got older and decided on a different career path by joining the Marines which really changed his course and outlook on life.

 The 1st project he ever released was ‘No Apologies’ and it was his introduction to the rap game that showcased his creativity and his lyrics. The 1st single on the project ‘Go Hard’ was a rap bop that instantly captivated you to his sound and made you a fan forever. King Mike Luster is an artist who is going to give you dope beats, 808’s, substance, and use the sounds behind his lyrics to keep you entertained start to finish. In 2020 he released his next mixtape ‘Street Dreams & Military Nightmares’ after returning from his time in the service. The project had so much raw emotion and throughout it all he is open about his mental health, love, pain, and more. It is his most intimate body of work to date. He plans to follow that up with his next project ‘Goat Up’ dropping soon on all platforms.

We are in a highly creative atmosphere today where music artists can take a hold of their own careers without record deals. Thanks to DIY music sites such as Spotify, Distro Kid etc. artists can control when they drop music, how they market it and can even tour when they want, especially if they have a loyal fan base. King Mike Luster is a mixture of Simon Phoenix from the film Demolition Man and Malcom X. Being a 2x war veteran hailing from 1 of the roughest cities on the map, he is bringing something very fresh to the rap game. The Detroit rapper is giving a new type of musical storytelling filled with chronicles from a real-life war, and nothing fabricated or made up.

With today’s demand for talented artists to entertain the masses, King Mike is going to fit in well with the current Hip-Hop line up. His biggest goal is to reach as many people as possible with meaningful music and captivating his fans with rhythm and appealing story telling vibes. Currently living with PTSD after being impacted mentally during 2 tours in Iraq, his constant struggle is taking things 1 step at a time and collaborating closely with his team to stay productive. He is also a family-oriented person and uses those closest to him as his support system in this industry known as the music business. If he had to describe his music in 1 word it would be ‘authentic’. What does King Mike Luster bring to the music industry? He connects the older generation to the younger generation with his sound.

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