We are at such a creative season right now in the arts / entertainment industry. Rather you are a blossoming content creator, independent artist, new business owner, or even started a shopify page for your boutique, the amount of ambitious people going out into the world to make their own mark has sky rocketed. Since the start of the Pandemic many people have decided to push their entrepreneur careers farther and that’s exactly what Emodagreat and Mondoe2xx are doing!

Hailing from South Carolina, the dynamic duo has been working together growing their own foundations in the music industry simultaneously. For some people, the thought of up and leaving your home to relocate to a bigger city to pursue your dreams sounds terrifying. When you truly have the ambition and drive to go after whatever you want the sky is always the limit. Both hustlers, between the two of them their skill sets are impeccable.


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Emodagreat grew up in Gaffney, South Carolina. He has been doing music since he was a young child and could not dream of doing anything else. Mentioning that he plans to grow an ‘occult following’ to solidify a loyal fan base for the endless success of his music, he is in this for the long run. Today with the rise of social media platforms and DIY music uploading sites if he stays consistent, he can do just that!

Understanding the importance of self-investing, Mondoe2xx is not shy to put the work in to progress his career. He initially moved to California to attend the New York Film Academy where he horned in on his video production skills. With his own film company under his belt, he shoots videos for Emodagreat and vice versa. Mondoe2xx also attended the Musicians Institute in California to learn the production side of the music business. The two artists are investing in themselves 100% and plan to have a very productive 2022.

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With the release of their new joint podcast ‘The Smokers Lab Podcast’ they are also building a name for themselves in the media industry. The podcast focuses on music, sports, the culture as well as helping artists understand the music business while smoking on the best weed in California!

Listen to The Smokers Lab Podcast on Spotify Smokers Lab Podcast Season 1 Episode 2 Mondoe2xx & Emoedagreat – Smokers Lab Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

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  1. I’ve never knew someone so hard driven and determined as Emoe ..man what’s so real about him is He never changed up and always kept it a buck even when other individuals didn’t with him..I’m honored to even know him and to have him as a Friend and a brother! I’ll always have total respect and love for him..Keep pushing 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. I’ve never seen two guys work so hard, I’m telling you. Just from learning behind the scenes at what they’ve done, it won’t belong before everyone knows who they are!! 💎🌴🤞🏾

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