Female rappers have been making a steady rise on the scene over the last few years. Ever since Nicki Minaj kicked the door down in the game, so many different female artists have been making their reign known in the industry!

Stinah Bey is an artist in every right. With her own signature style and authentic flavor, she is an artist who works extremely hard to create her own lane! Hailing from New York, now residing in Florida the female MC stays in her own lane and is working to grow her fan base. A musical genius, Stinah sang in her church choir and plays various music instruments including the clarinet, keyboard, and piano. Not one to be put inside a box as a female artist, she does not pay attention to the stereotypes centered around Black female artists and does not feed into what people think about her. Starting out her career writing poetry she mentions that it has always been therapeutic for her. While blossoming into a poet, she would see her friends going in and out the studio, and it was not long before she took the next step and begin writing music. During the pandemic in 2020 things really started moving for Stinah Bey after she dropped her debut EP ‘Eye Candy and Soul Food’.

The EP is a beautiful project of original music and a look into who Stinah Bey is as an artist. Music is looked at as life saving in the eyes of her, and she is on this journey to see the finish lines of her dreams! Her father, who was also a musician cultivated the aspiring artist and instilled in her the knowledge to continue her path.

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