Rapper / Songwriter YBK has been putting quite the work in to grow his music career. Currently living in Miami, the Haitian descendant had to hustle out the trenches to become the boss that he is today. At an early age, his parents split up, which led to losing his mother and ultimately being raised by his uncle. Very big on family due to his upbringing, YBK which stands for ‘Young Black King’ began to realize the life he really wanted as he got older and wanted more out of life. Bouncing around from other cities including trying his luck in San Diego is where the rapper first began to record music. After breaking up with an ex-girlfriend YBK eventually moved back to Miami where he began to take his future much more serious and get focused on his craft.

Check out his single ‘Moments’ featuring Shanice


Although he feels as if the music industry can be very treacherous to maneuver in, he takes his time to research anything before diving in. Currently he is an independent artist taking his time to grow his fan base and Horne in on his sound.

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