Rapper, musician, songwriter Bezy 4Eva is a young talented artist from North Carolina. He is working on his foundation in terms of building his online presence and growing his fan base. At an early age Bezy 4Eva knew he wanted to be a rapper. He initially fell in love with music when he learned to play the piano. Growing a sound appreciation for the art Bezy began playing for local churches around his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina at the age of ten. Crediting the environment, he lived in for his sound of today, this is an artist who puts story telling in the music he creates. Not only was he playing the piano since an early age, but he also began making his own beats giving him the edge as an all-around talented artist. 2022 is for sure going to be a big year for Bezy. With plans to put out more singles as well as a new EP titled ‘I Am Forever’ later this season, his fans are still riding on his past project ‘Codex’ Codex is FOR SURE his break out project! The project was presented by his own entertainment brand ‘Bezy Entertainment’ and features fifteen dope tracks! His single ‘Legendary’ is a beautifully done song about a love interest with just the right vocal harmonies and beat behind it! From the bars to the quality of the production, Bezy went beyond securing a space in the best new artist category coming out the Carolinas. Boasting about the streets, hustling, living life and survival the entire mixtape is a bop from start to finish. He gave us so many distinctive styles with his delivery on this masterpiece and it is quite easy for anyone to listen to.

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