The music industry is at a most elevating time right now. With the start of a new year comes fresh faces, sounds, and styles being introduced into the game. Although not much has changed in 2021 the Pop-Culture wave has become bigger and more of a hot topic then ever. Artists are incorporating social media, innovative ideas, and catchy marketing strategies into their careers more often then ever. Hailing from St. Louis, rapper / songwriter Layla K is bringing all her energy into the music industry.

Standing at 5’5, the beautiful caramel lyricists, has a big personality and an even bigger appetite for success. Raised by a single parent with her siblings she was forced to take on survival skills at an early age while her mom worked to make ends meet. Layla has a very out-spoken aura about her and is not afraid to speak her mind or put her feelings into her lyrics. To understand where she is going is to study her past. While at an early age the upcoming rapper was already exposed to the art of music through her own mother. While still a child, her mother loved to party and always kept a custom sound system in their home. The house was often filled with loud music thus allowing Layla to grow an appreciation for the sound which of course led to her wanting to be a rapper. Hearing timeless classics from the blues and R&B era growing up she naturally got the gift of writing and is proud to announce she writes ALL her own bars!

In her childhood days she had gone to over ten schools throughout her academic career before graduating from Theodore Roosevelt Highschool. She also did two years at UMSL and was accepted in Clark Atlanta before turning it down to pursue a love interest. Like most young girls in love, he was not the right choice for her after hooking up and making a life changing decision to not attend the HBCU school. After 2 years in college, she decided to drop out after becoming a mother realizing that school was not going to take care of her financial responsibilities. Not wishing to be poor and struggle she made the courageous move to permanently move to Las Vegas for a fresh start with her family. It was there that her hustle improved immensely and struggling was no longer an option. With a bright future ahead of her and her music career, leaving St. Louis for Las Vegas was a new life changing move that turned out to be her BEST move. Working on her music since 2017, she recorded her first record ‘Smash for Cash’ in the studio of Las Vegas.

Today Layla is focused, and more determined then ever to achieve all her accomplishments. As an independent artist her hardest challenges have been having to do everything on her own while balancing being a full-time mother. One thing about women is their persistence to do well and beat the odds against them. She continues to push through and knock her barriers down one at a time to get to the top. Securing her Passport to take on international projects her plans for 2022 is to invest more into herself. Her debut EP ‘304 Talk’ is ready and will be released in the spring. She is beyond excited for her fans to hear what she has to say.

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  1. Describe your sound in 1 word?


People can expect a real and uncut EP. I am putting it all out there and I’m not holding back. Expect the unexpected FOR REAL! This cloth sold out!

I am interested in Drake and his success story. DJ Khaled, Future, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Jucee Froot and a host of R&B artists.

I would love to collab with Lil Baby I think we would make a fye song. Or Lil Durk because we are both from the trenches of the mid-west and I think we would instantly click.

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