Matt Conscious is an intellectual music artist residing in Miami, Florida. Working in the entertainment industry since he was a child, he prides himself on putting out music without violence and derogatory language. As a baby he began his career as a model in children’s publications before growing up into a very laid-back artist. Very well spoken and educated, this is an artist who is not afraid to stick to his personal beliefs. He considers himself a selfless person who aims to be more carefree and take things as they come. His music is infused with Caribbean vibes and experimenting with different sounds. Although he keeps his lyrics positive, he is not afraid to try no things and express music about love. Check out his hit single ‘Hold you Down’ below.

With the music industry evolving fast into a place where independent creatives can make a way for themselves, Matt Conscious is fitting right into the movement with his own unique positive sound. He has created his own lane and his own avenue due to the fact there is a small section for positive young rappers. Born and raised in Miami, Florida Matt mentions he had the proper upbringing to grow into a level-headed man. Currently he has projects already out with more on the way this year. Matt would love to collab with singer Chris Brown on his artist wish list.

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