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When R&B 1st hit the scene years ago it was a movement of its own that focused on love-making music, showing how a man appreciates a woman, and the mood setter for when your parents wanted to be along at night. Over the course of some time, it started to fade from the industry for a bigger popularity towards Pop music and rap. Today it’s back bigger then ever with a plethora of talented vocalists gracing the scenes right now including ‘Azai’.

Originally from north New Jersey, the songwriter ended up in Tampa, Florida where he is busy working on his fast-growing career. Tampa is a huge Hip-Hop city so with Azai bringing the R&B vibes to the area he’s working 20xs harder to stay consistent and busy getting his music in front of the masses. From a young age, Azai didn’t grow up in a rich family, so he naturally has the hustle mentality to WIN. His vocals are extremely authentic and any song you hear not only does he write it himself, but he’s also a class act with his image. With a very industry ready look, most people would mistake the singer for a model because of his rather noticeable good looks. A full-blooded Puerto Rican, with a head full of waves and a sexy play boy image, Azai can sing to the ladies or just stare at them to make them swoon! Just from taking his chances on investing in himself, thanks to a DJ he met online he has gotten radio plays on his streamed music. With an eye for what he wants, the singer is also a budding entrepreneur with his own signature Hat collection and plans for a fashion line in the future.

Heavy on networking with individuals who can further his brand, Azai has been hitting the studio with Quality Control Records A&R Mr. Too Official as well as Mega-Star Russ DJ, DJ Calvin. In short, he is an artist that is about investing in his self! He did a tour with Quality Control DJ’s and hit several major cities in 2021 to set up the foundation for his takeover in 2022. Always ready to work, the singer is down to collab with other upcoming artists, but his celebrity feature wish list he hopes to lock in this year includes Russ, 6lack, and The Weekend! With Atlanta being a short flight away we can be sure to keep seeing him in the 404 now that he is rubbing elbows with Quality Control DJ’s as well.

This year he just released a single called ‘Like You’ out now on all platforms and plans to be releasing singles all throughout the year. A verified Spotify artists with over 12,000 monthly streams, Azai is tomorrows R&B superstar that you’re seeing rise up now from the trenches! You can also catch Azai on a big promo run with Hip-Hop vet DJ Calvin in Miami so follow him on Instagram to stay up to speed with his performance dates.

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Check out a short Q&A with Azai and stream his new music at his links above.

  1. What’s a New Year’s resolution you want to tap into this year?

My resolution to stick to is stay consistent, continue to grow, and always keep faith.

Before I go into the studio, I like to at times meditate, get mentally zoned in, calm my nerves, burn candles or incense etc.


I would like to see the music industry go back to people being original again instead of people copying!

Don’t Look up!

I take vocal lessons on and off.

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