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Rapper/ Songwriter Perelli Mack has been successfully turning into a familiar name in the rap game for some time now. Originally from Houston, Texas now residing in the Hip-Hop capital Atlanta, he has leveled up with a loyal fan base of supporters who taps into anything he drops! The consistency and dedication to his craft has rewarded him with over 100k active Instagram followers, over 600k YouTube views, and he’s made himself a sought-after artist that the record labels are all gunning for! In short, Perelli Mack took the ‘text-book’ approach to building his movement most noticeably done by Atlanta native, rapper Russ. The textbook approach is when an artist remains independent while 100% investing into their artistry, marketing, and projects. Because you have full control of when you release your music, you can drop singles consistently while building your fan base and streams at the same time. It takes very serious patience and dedication, as well as the sacrifice to keep funneling money into yourself as a personal investment. From his cover arts, music releases, editorial images, to how much music is in his catalog, this is an artist who takes a lot of pride in his career. He is ready to go mainstream with which ever label he decides to partner with in the future. We are giving his latest mixtape ‘Mack of Bellaire’ 10 stars!

With a signature flow and lyrical melody in his rhymes, Perelli Mack is a RAPPER who is going to bring the vibes on every project he releases. He can literally go into the studio without writing a single bar down and record off the dome. Very creative with his marketing he enjoys naming his singles after famous known titles and greats before him such as his ‘Mack Jackson’ project, ‘Mackerena’, and his most current popular release now hitting the radio stations in Miami ‘Mack of Bellaire’. The 1st single of the project ‘Live on Air’ is on constant replay on 88.7 FM in Miami and soon to be making it’s rounds into the Atlanta DJ market!

Determined to continue elevating, this 2022 he is planning to chart with his music and reach Gold or Platinum status! The way his fans go crazy over him it is very realistic that will be a major highlight for Perelli this year! His artist wish list to work with includes Lil Wayne, Future, Polo G, Post Malone, Tory Lanez, Jack Harlow and anyone that is genuine about their craft.

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