By: Carisha

Never one to follow the masses, Jhonni Blaze is proving why being authentic to your true self is the best wave to ride in the music business. First breaking into the scene from New York landing a recurring role on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, to booked model shoots, hosting gigs, acting roles, and growing an organic social media following is more than enough accolades to earn the recognition she deserves. Rather she is working alongside Hip-Hop vet Debra Antney on the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop or dropping a sexy twerk video while playing a piano on her heavily followed fans pages, Jhonni is always going to stay 100% original and humble to herself and the people who support her.

The best part about her is her consistency! It’s no secret that being in the limelight can be somewhat stressful especially when everyone has an opinion on how you choose to live your life. Yet no matter what the haters say about Jhonni she can back up everything she puts out. A highly trained vocalist, gifted piano player, dancer, actor and businesswoman, Jhonni Blaze works eloquently on her brand. She will literally laugh at her own flaws before falling into what someone else thinks about her, and that’s why she is always elevating. Around the holiday season she’s usually the celebrity who is donating to the less fortunate, giving away food or gift bags to help others and never looking for anything in return.

Her music is refreshing to hear and has its own signature sound. After the successful release of her past single ‘Toxic’ featuring NLE Choppa, she drops yet another gem on her fans. The latest release, ‘So into You’ featuring the Queen of Miami, rapper Trina has already cleared 1 million views online. The melody is a sexy vibe with Jhonni belting about a love interest she was so into. Rap Queen Trina held her own with the bars and they both were absolutely stunning in the visual for the song. After a productive 2021, under the management of her label Green Team Music, the singer is set to release a new EP this March. Stream ‘So into You’ on all platforms and watch the video below. Tell us what you think in the comments!!!!

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