Rapper and businessman, Chill Will3rd, got his name from his demeanor. He’s calm and cool now, but when he was young, his mother was concerned with the choices that he was making, so she sent him back to live in Jamaica so that he can learn his culture and understand where he came from. What she thought was a punishment, was more like a vacation. Chill Will enjoyed the lifestyle and environment of Jamaica. Although he loves the Jamaican culture, he believes that the opportunity for success is much greater in the United States.

5, 6 years ago, Chill Will was spending a lot of time in the studio with his friends, listening and giving his opinion. One day, he hopped in the booth, and he liked it. He realized that he could rap and had a talent for making music. After building his catalog by recording every day, he refocused his energy on releasing his music and marketing.

Because of the negative perception about the hip hop industry, Chill Will doesn’t necessarily like calling himself a rapper. He’s about his business. He raps about business and things that he’s been through personally. He brings an authentic energy to the music industry. His signature island vibes style is what draws his fans to him. The lyricist invests in stocks and is the co-owner and CEO of Yum Creamery, an ice cream delivery service based in West Palm Beach, Florida. He’s worked with Lottery the producer, and has gained thousands of views on YouTubeChillWill3rd On Being A Jamaican Born Artist in Miami * Tory Lanez & New Music.

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