Born in Little Havana, an area near Miami, YT Bustdown is the swaggy artist who has the personality and vibes when he walks into any room. Starting out as an athlete playing Basketball, the rapper has always been into his appearance and the way he carries himself. Gaining a lot of support in his hometown of the 305, YT has the attitude and flex that keeps his name trending in the city. The ‘YT’ adopted by his entourage stands for ‘Young Turnt’ for the rappers confident, upbeat personality!

Currently working on his upcoming album ‘YT Global’ on the way soon he promises the project will have special features on it as well. He is back outside after the Pandemic stopped the world and is on the scene doing a string of shows. Hailing from Little Havana to be exact, the bi-lingual artist is coming into the game on a culture shock, being exposed to so many diverse ethnic groups. In a time where social media and music streaming sites have practically made it easy to grow your own fan base, YT is down for staying independent and growing his career until the right label approaches him.

His growing fan base can look forward to more music and is widening his artistry/sound to appeal to a larger audience.

    “I’m a young trap Ni%%my music catchy and hits you in ways you wouldn’t know until it hits you.”

The young and turnt rapper promises when you hear him you will not only relate to his music but have something to motivate you in your everyday life. The record labels should tap in with YT Bustdown as he assures, he is the hardest upcoming rapper coming out the 305.

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