Not much of a long distance, Haiti is in the back yard of Miami and the culture is constantly melting over into the 305, including the talents. Everyday families leave the Caribbean Island in hopes of making a living on the land of the US. Jaydee, who’s family is from the beautiful country, moved to Miami, Florida at the age of eight. A very lyrical artist his culturally diverse background gives him a eccentric vibe to his artistry. With his own recording studio, he masters his own music and works with several dope producers in the industry.

He is currently working on his project the ‘Vice Vlogs,’ a series he created which gives a perspective into some of the everyday experiences with the people around him. The pilot episode is out now, and the second episode is on the way. Inspired by the GOATS in the industry Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Jeezy, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, Jaydee is a artist who is about bringing substance and realness into his music. He is in the marketing stage of his career in terms of getting his name out there and promoting himself to various audiences.

Currently with his music he is completing the sequel for his Vice EP called ‘Vice City,’ set to be released at the top of the 1st quarter. Next year his fans can expect better music, more videos, bigger shows, and lots of extra music content.

When you ask Jaydee to describe his artistry, his goal is to never have the new song sounding like the last one, and to always do something different. Every song he records he challenges himself to approach it differently. Any record label should be willing to collaborate with him because he is coachable, hungry, and has dedicated his entire life to his music. Follow Jaydee on Instagram at Jaydee 🇭🇹🌴🎵Viceman (@jaydee3oh5) • Instagram photos and videos

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