South Carolina has been rising up the ranks in the Hip-Hop industry as of lately. With big mainstream artists such as Da Baby and Morray coming out the Tar Heel State, Juice is the next big artist on the scene ready to go up. Originally signed to his own record label to get the ball rolling and staying productive he caught the attention of major A&Rs and is now signed to Hot City Music Group / New No Limit label. His hard work is paying off and the lyrical MC has been putting in the grind to get to the top. In it for the long run and admitting to taking a number of losses behind the scenes the rising star is in a mental battle with himself to keep pushing everyday he wakes up.

The music industry is constantly evolving and transgressing with new styles, new artists, and a fresh look on the way things are done. JuiceGodLP has that old school crunk sound with a modern lyrical spin giving him his own lane. Today an artist can start their own record label, control their own distribution, marketing, and even when they decide to tour. Gumbo Entertainment, or Gumbo Gang for short, was founded by Juice God to get things rolling, and his other artists on his line -up. Staying solid and supporting all the people on his team Juice God is big on loyalty and keeping it real. With all his dedication the doors opened with a bigger deal behind him, and now the new opportunities are endless. With an authentic sound and his own flavor, he carries himself in a very humble manner and is all about uplifting those around him.

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