It is no secret that Atlanta is the mecca of networking and music especially for independent artists. There are many opportunities in the city to meet people in the business and get on shows that actually bring you exposure! #ALLONTHEMIC is one of those platforms. Rather you are an artist, influencer, or business owner this is the perfect weekly event to attend. Every Thursday night photographers, press, influencers, movers, and shakers come out for All on The Mic presented by Live with Carisha Media. It is the freshest talk show platform in the city. Complete with a cash bar, photo shoot set up, live DJ and interview talk show setting, it is a place where you can come network and mingle under one roof.

ALL ON THE MIC is presented by LIVE WITH CARISHA MEDIA. It is a media platform for artists to network, gain artist development, perform, and more. This is a professional media run for music artists, businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers. Artists CAN network/ take pictures with the celebrity guests in the building as well.  The Artist Performance Package consists of a 3-minute recorded performance slot at the event, a blog placement on Carishathediva.com and we will add the recorded performance to our show YouTube Channel. (15) CarishaTheDiva – YouTube

Artists Looking to Sign Up please email livewithcarishamedia@gmail.com

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