Everyday many rappers make the transition from the streets to the music industry. Unfortunately, some become mixed up in the double lifestyle and even end up dead or in jail. Rapper Block Bands had a rough upbringing like so many young men of color who grew up in the projects, and after spending time in jail decided to fully commit to his craft as an artist. At a time now where independent artists are taking full control of their career relating to music releases, self-marketing, and their social media presence, the record labels are scrambling in a frenzy to gain back their diminishing dominance. Already with a solid team in place behind him, Block is proving that with no major label backing 1 can still accomplish their goals in the music industry.

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The Harrisburg native had a distant family and did not have the support he needed to progress into adult hood making life very difficult for him. Early on, he did whatever he had to do to take care of himself. The consequences of that resulted in him doing jail time at a young age. The rapper explains that the hardest part about prison was the embarrassment from being inside: how the C.O.’s treated the inmates, the lack of privacy, especially the animal treatment the inmates receive when they go in and out of visits. All this combined now fills his music with struggle, stories, and real-life street situations.

Hailing from Harrisburg PA, Block Bands brings a lyrical flow to the industry complete with authentic bars and an honest report about the streets. While locked up he had the opportunity to grow mentally with the help of an older inmate who motivated him to read books on business, religion, and spirituality. After his release, he has a different outlook on life and decided to move differently. Before he had no strategy and now, he is conscious of his decision making. Focusing 100% on his career as an independent artist, Block has released 10 singles, and an EP titled β€œThugs Cry”.

Although it’s been challenging for the budding artist to get his life back on track, Block is breaking new barriers every day. As a passionate songwriter he openly admits that when he is dating, he gets inspiration from his relationships to put into his music. Not one to bite his tongue he is very adamant about the direction he plans to go in his personal life and music career.

Block Bands has the support of a label, Worldwide Forever Records, his label mates, and fans of his music. Coming up, he is dropping singles and visuals.

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