Hst Ocho

Hst Ocho is coming out of Las Vegas and putting his city on his back. His whole family has a love for music, so the art is in his blood. Ocho’s father and uncles were rappers, and even his grandmother did gospel music. She introduced him to music by taking him to church where he sang in the choir a couple of times.

The rapper says there is no place like his home town. Nothing can compare to Vegas because the city is open 24/7. Ocho brings a new energy to the music industry because no one from his city has ever made it, so he wants to be the first or at least leave his imprint in the industry. Ocho is a mixture of hood and realness, so he is bringing nothing but the vibes in the rap game. To him he believes the biggest cap in the industry is people’s lifestyles. He brings realness because he can’t rap about what he isn’t living. He focuses on his reality before music so that it can tie into each other.

Along with all the action of Sin City, there is a kind of crab in the barrel mentality there.

“When people feel like they know you, they don’t support you, but a person from another city can move to Vegas and get more support.”

Hst Ocho

Not getting sidetracked by the non-supporters, Ocho has built a strong fan base, has been getting steady radio play on his music, doing media runs and has racked up thousands of views on YouTube from his videos collectively.

Ocho is working on upcoming new projects and growing his fan base. He has a signature look, authentic sound, and 100% hustle helping him reach new heights every quarter with his music.

Even with the ups and downs that come with the music industry, when asked if he would still want to rap if the salary of an artist was the same as a teacher, Ocho’s answer was yes because he has a passion for music. He started rapping as an outlet to express his self. Today he has made a career out of his music. The painful and challenging obstacles he was going through in life that he couldn’t talk about with other people, he put into his music and vent to the beat delivering relatable music his fans can appreciate.

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