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 Aaliyah Nicole is a singer, song writer, and actress from Miami, Florida. She is the beautifully animated, bubby personality that stands out in any room she is in. The 305 native grew up with her grandparents, so to keep her on a positive path, they kept Aaliyah and her siblings in church. After Aaliyah got into the church choir, she fell in love with music instantly.  Being somewhat of a rebel, she would “Sister Act” the choir performances at the Catholic Church by spicing up the very conservative songs. Before she fell into music she was a dancer, so she loved the performance aspect of singing in front of an audience.

Aaliyah loves to experiment with her music and sing across different genres. Although some might consider her sound to be towards the Hip-Hop/ R&B side, she doesn’t like to put herself in a box. She loves sing rapping, and even has an acoustic guitar song in her catalog. The marketing major just wants to put out quality content. An all-around talent, she is turning her name into an entire brand that will go over beyond just her music career.

One of the obstacles Aaliyah has faced as a female artist is not being taken seriously. When she first started going to the studio, she would get pushed aside and had to wait hours to record while she watched the owner let male artists go before her. Aaliyah didn’t get discouraged, instead, she built her own home studio and taught herself how to engineer and master music. Now she books other artists to record at her studio as well.

Check out music by Aaliyah Nicole (523) Aaliyah Nicole x Trophy Trailer [DIRECTOR’S CUT] – YouTube

The rise of female artists in the Rap / Soul industry has been both empowering and somewhat challenging for female artists who are being encouraged to dress or carry themselves a certain way.  With the over-sexualization of women in the music industry, it’s no surprise to believe that females feel pressured to use surgery to enhance their body and act overly sexy to get attention.  Aaliyah believes that a woman should do what makes her happy with her body because it’s just a vessel. She believes that what really matters is who you are on the inside. Stream Aaliyah Nicole on Spotify Spotify – Aaliyah Nicole

“It’s ok to be comfortable in your own skin and it’s good to be natural or do what makes you happy with your body”

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