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Becca J

Whoever said that R&B was dead certainly has not heard the powerhouse vocals of Florida’s finest ‘Becca J’! Becca J has been singing all of her life. The Orlando native is a preacher’s kid, so she grew up in the church choir performing solo arrangements and feeling like a star. Naturally as she got older, she began to find her groove and write her own music.  She considers her style to be international because she can vocally master a wide range of genres from Reggae to pop, soul, Trap&B, R&B, as well as Gospel music.

Becca grew up listening to mostly gospel music with a sprinkle of R&B. She loves to sing more than anything, so labels and managers never have trouble getting this beauty in the studio to work. The full package, Becca has the look to match her sound. Standing at the model height of 5’9 the ebony Goddess is not only beautiful but has a refreshing humble personality. She respects several of today’s biggest artists, but she feels like she has been her own inspiration. Getting to know herself as an artist through singing is what inspires her most. The songwriter is self-motivated, unique and has a lot to offer in the industry. Her vocals carry a powerful tone with a sultry melody giving her a sound that NO ONE can gimmick.

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The crowd catcher, who has been performing and working on her ep “I Am Her”, believes that the biggest challenge of her career has been patience. Sometimes, Becca J records 6 to 7 songs in a day. Despite the time and commitment, it takes to be successful in the music business, she welcomes all the challenges that comes with it because she’s a pusher who doesn’t think of what’s going to stop her but welcomes challenges and pushing through them.

Becca J describes her music as pure, and real because she sings about things she has been through. People can relate to her lyrics because they are real life, and we all go through life’s experiences. The rising star keeps God first in her life, and although she’s ready for the bright lights, she wants to make the right moves and remain humble.

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