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Fpc Lo is 1 of the freshest rappers out on the scene who was born in the Bahamas and raised in West Palm Beach Florida. He and a handful of Florida’s hardest artists are all a part of a group called Florida Paper Chasers, or Forever Paper Chasers which is abbreviated as Fpc for short. Fpc Lo locked in with the group in the ninth grade and started recording music that summer. He’s put out mixtapes since then including landing a placement with DJ Fourteen, YBN Jay’s official DJ.

 The rapper sees massive success in his future with his music and is planning to blow up. The hungry MC has a melodic sound and catchy delivery that keeps his fans hooked on his music.  Although success in the music industry can sometimes come with the pressure to change a person, Fpc Lo wouldn’t change his sound, or the way he carries himself. He’s willing to work with other artists and is not into rap beef. He believes that the violence in the industry is stupid, and people are dying over meaningless things.

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Already preparing for his takeover, when he gets rich, the first thing Fpc Lo plans to do is buy his mom a house. He wants to help his city out too. He doesn’t believe that inner city neighborhoods should look like trash. It bothers him to see the filth and the addicts who are rampant in his neighborhood.  Although he doesn’t speak on the unfortunate things that he’s seen from living in the environment that he’s from, he wants to see a change because right now it’s not the kind of place anyone wants to be. This is an artist who is not only in tune with social injustices but wants better for his community and the youth growing up in it.

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When asked who’s the most underrated artist in Florida, his answer is him! Although FPC has more recorded music then actual live performances he’s turned up at every show. The pandemic in 2020 put a small slow down in his career path, but getting through it he is back outside and his team is booking shows left and right. In his free time, Fpc Lo writes music and practices his craft. He works an after-school job to support himself and his dream. With his ambition and fresh new energy, the rapper doesn’t disappoint. His singles “Repercussions” and “Can’t Stop” featuring SMS.DEE have each racked up thousands of views on YouTube.

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