Boynton, Florida rapper, No Patience, doesn’t stop for anything! He’s not good with no’s and doesn’t expect to wait long. Always on go, No Patience can easily spend 72 hours in the studio at a time recording music. The smooth laid back MC is currently grinding through the southern Hip-hop Industry and growing his fan base.

No Patience feels that some people don’t know how to think outside of what everyone else is doing, and they only support what they see as popular. He lives by his own rules and has full confidence in himself. The former athlete says that, so many people look up to people who are their own age because of money, but money doesn’t define a person.

 “Some people are celebrities, and their music is trash”

                                                                                  No Patience

The father of three came from a broken home and admits he had no role models, so he doesn’t look up to anyone. Although the lyricist supports everyone, he only listens to his own music. He doesn’t want to sound like or be compared to anyone else, so he is big on tunnel vision and staying in his own lane. He doesn’t just want to make music. He wants to share his life through it, because there’s a story behind everything that he says.

No Patience understands that people go through things. He grew up without the presence of a mother. Although he didn’t have his mother growing up, he realized that you must keep going. The self-proclaimed Pastor of the Streets says that “you must stay focused; you can’t allow hard times to make you unravel; and you can’t make anyone do anything that their mind is telling them not to do”

Not looking to fit into what other people think regarding him, what you see is what you get. When he’s not working, he likes to eat and watch tv. The Sweeper Gang Apparel owner says that his step daughter is his biggest fan.

Stream his latest project, “Pastor of the Streets” on all platforms and follow No Patience for upcoming projects on IG Dah Pastor 🤝👑📝 (@nopatiencepapa) • Instagram photos and videos

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