When people say that R&B is dead or dying off, I reply that you are not looking hard enough. R&B, love music, slow jams are alive and well with the music industry getting a plethora of shining new faces and beautiful vocals. Elijah Connor hit the scene just a short time ago and already has made himself a well-known name in the business. The singer / songwriter has remained a prominent name on the music charts and is 1 of the few artists today that takes his time releasing very high-quality projects, complete with out of this world visuals and an insane marketing strategy. There is no surprise to deny why he is so meticulous with his work, being related to the late artist formerly known as ‘Prince’ as a younger cousin, the professional ingenuity is in his blood. When Elijah blesses the world with sound, you are going to see about it on billboards, promo runs, and his fans who love him dearly.

Although the entire world loved Prince, Elijah Connor is standing solid on his own 2 feet complete with a sultry, signature sound, and image. He is living up to the family brand and everyone is hungrily waiting for the Detroit native to release an album. When you hear his vocals on the radio you know without a doubt, you are listening to an Elijah Connor track. Starting his career off as a print and runway model for top fashion brands such as Sears and Armani, Elijah not only has the sound but the looks and talent. He is the full package and some. His unique artistic capabilities make him a power house in the music industry who will without a doubt have a lasting career.

Elijah Connor

After going viral from starring on The Four: Battle for Stardom Show with an epic stare down with music mogul Sean Combs live on-air, a meme was quickly circulated around social media which catapulted him even farther into superstardom building a loyal cult fan base with admirers who appreciate his dedication, creativity, and passion for his music. Everyday stars break into the business off a hot single, or an OK album and then fizzle, but this is a face who has a solid leg to stand on with the work he puts out leaving his fans thirsty for more. His latest single ‘Lemon and Lime’ out now on all platforms is the follow up to his phenomenally successful single ‘Say the Word’ which he released before the pandemic. Taking some time to manifest, plan, and promote, Elijah is back even better then the following project and managed to out do himself all over again with the artistry and sound of his new single. ‘Lemon and Lime’ is the perfect summer Trap R&B record to vibe to anytime. Always giving something fresh to his fans, the beat, melody, and lyrics create a vibe for any one and any occasion. Not only did he get the assignment he took it to straight 10’s with the overall quality and sound of the project.

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