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Chances are if you ever stepped out to a club, party, or event the 1st thing you heard even sometimes before you stepped into the building was the music. Within a moments time you mentally already prepared yourself for if it’s going to be a ‘lit’ night or if you would be club-hopping to the next dope spot. Whoever is in the sanctuary known as the ‘DJ booth’ has the most important task of keeping the party going and the mood on point.

Hailing from Orlando, Florida DJ Ressie Cups knew early on what she wanted her life’s career to be. A major key player throughout Florida and the southern music scene, she is heavily respected in all the major markets there including Tampa, Miami, and the Palm Beach area.  At a young age she was ducking off into her parent’s basement to jam out to their cassette tapes and loose herself completely in the music. Being exposed to the art of sound at a young age was what undoubtedly created the legendary name in the music industry we know today as DJ Ressie Cups. The achievements and accolades of her success include spinning worldwide in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Canada and more. She is your go-to connect if you are looking to get your music discovered. She is always the top choice for booking any event including corporate, military, and private bookings.

“When I see the crowd moving and dancing, smiling and just enjoying the night is how I know that I’m in my zone. It’s a high that most people use drugs to get, its euphoric.” DJ Ressie Cups

Known simply as ‘The Sweetest DJ on the 1s and 2s”, as a woman in the business she brings a sense of passion with her work that you just cannot find all the time in her male counterparts. Stepping into any booking early and set up well before the show starts, the professional mixologist is going to get a feel for any crowd, and above all is skilled to spin ALL music genres. As a singer, musician, and sound engineer, DJ Ressie Cups loves ALL forms of music. After building up such a reputable name for herself; Shay Star Entertainment Group DJ, Reality TV personality on the upcoming show ‘DJs of Atlanta’, Tru Radio on Fridays, Epoch Radio on Saturdays, Highly Unique Soflo radio DJ, numerous club bookings, DJ hosting gigs through the world both US and Internationally, she has made it a personal mission in getting behind rising artists with landing them radio play and the backing they need to get their music heard. Even if you are on Instagram, you can tap in with her Live music reviews for free where she will spin your music, and if it is hot, she will get it on several stations that will advance your career and get you exposure. As an independent artist today with the rise of social media and DIY music uploading sites, the most important relationship you will have to build is with the DJ’s who will support your music.

When you have reached a level of success in your career where you are comfortable and coasting that is when you are in the position to give back, so that is what DJ Ressie Cups is on. As we head into the final quarter of the music industry this year, she is focusing on giving back to the artists who need it most. Being an independent artist is a full-time job and now with her exclusive ‘Takeoff Single Spin Package’ it helps alleviate some of the stress of being heard. More of a saint then a shark, she is investing her time into offering weekly Tru Radio Spins, weekly Highly Unique Radio Spins complete with a live on-air interview, monthly Fox Trap radio spins, and weekly club spins. Sealing the deal, the package is also complete with a weekly email blast of your music directly to Shade 45, FM radio program directors, and FM radio plus internet radio DJ’s in over 10 major cities (Miami, LA, Dallas, San Antonio etc.)

For booking this exclusive package for yourself or your artists email DJ Ressie Cups at

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