The south has truly taken the crown in the Hip-Hop Industry as a collective. Rather your reppin Texas, Georgia, New Orleans, the Carolinas, or Alabama these are the states where artists are coming into the rap game snatching necks and going the hardest. Jumping into the industry head on to see what heights he can reach with his artistry, Jaayk has been in the game about 2 years now and already has big things popping. Already coming off the stage as an opening act at the Authentic Empire Indie Fest with 1017 Gucci Mane as the headliner, and releasing dope singles to stay consistent, Jaayk is for sure about to have a good run in the industry. Heavily influenced by his family he is focused on getting the attention of major labels, but for now is staying consistent and productive as an indie artist. He feels as if the industry is missing him and you better believe he is putting in that work to make sure everyone knows who he is.


Included in the ‘new wave’ of millennial rappers Jaayk brings a LOT of energy, his own sound, and an entertaining stage presence when he his performing live. He has the look and the sound. Follow him on Instagram Jaayk Wid Da Ak🍯 (@iamjaayk) • Instagram photos and videos

“I bring some hot shit into the industry.”


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