By: Carisha

Jassy Jae

There has been such a large female presence on the scene in the Hip-Hop industry and the amount of beautiful, talented MC’s is not only empowering, but also necessary. In an industry that has been dominated by men for such a long time, today young girls everywhere who had hopes of 1 day being the next Lil Kim or DJ Diamond Kuts is 100% possible.

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana and heavily influenced by rappers Wale and J Cole, Jassy Jae is a storyteller with her artistry. A true artist, she prides herself on putting messages in her music, and telling a story over just rapping about her body. With 3 years under her belt, Jassy is bringing storytelling back into the game because she believes not many female artists are using that form of art anymore. The young lyrical bomb shell is bringing all the vibes in the game with a true appreciation for what she does. Her dedication is what’s going to make her valuable to work with because she puts all her heart and energy into her craft. Music is in her blood; both her parents were also artists who rapped and sung so the budding star was exposed to the movement at a young age. She also reads music playing both the flute and the piccolo. She has 2 dope singles out now ‘Ima User’ and ‘Promised Land’ with plans on following it up with more on the way.

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