Lil Yellow is a positive and refreshing rapper from Miami Gardens, Florida.

His stage name, Lil Yellow, started out as a joke. Growing up light skinned, he got made fun of a lot.  People always perceived him as soft, and the lyrical rapper worked hard to not live up to that title. His brother would jokingly tease him about his skin color because he was a yellow boy, and eventually the name stuck. He does not feel like his name contributes to colorism in the black community because he does not feel like being light skin matters. Lil Yellow understands that even if you are yellow, you are still black at the end of the day.

Lil Yellow is a very versatile, unique artist and he does not try to fit in with everyone else. What started as him rapping in a library in Miami led to the 305-native working on an entire career in the music industry. Not looking to be the typical everyday ‘hood rapper’ he prefers to keep his artistry a little more for the culture. He prides himself on being different and wanted to talk about other things besides the streets. When asked what type of lane he is in, he will let you know he is more alternative and likes to show people a different route.

100% realizing his purpose in life is his art and love of music in 2018 he really began taking his career serious. He started sacrificing time, friendships, and relationships due to his love for it. Lately he has been putting his energy into focusing on his content and releasing songs on Soundcloud.  The college student does not like to party for fun, he works and makes music.

With the biggest Pandemic to hit the world in a long time, the Coronavirus, Lil Yellow has been more focused on winning then ever. This an artist who is extremely focused and staying in his own lane. Follow Lil Yellow on Instagram lIl YELLOW (@lilyellow99) • Instagram photos and videos

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