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Bryan Saladin

Bryan Saladin, born and raised in the Bronx, has moved around a lot but is a solid artist with a strong musical palette. He was in the army for a couple of years before being discharged due to an injury. The singer believes his sound evolved from living in different places and around so many ethnic cultures. Bryan even lived in Belgium for a short period of time and now resides in Tampa, Florida. 

He began recording music in High School but did not take it seriously at the time. The Bi-lingual artist ran away from music, but life kept pushing him back to it. In 2018, it hit him that music was what he wanted to do. Music is like an escape for Bryan. When he is writing, recording, and listening to music, it makes him feel good, especially when going through hard times. With a look ready for the runway, and a never-ending amount of personality, do not put Bryan in just an artist box. He can double as a model or actor depending on who is casting. The good-looking rising sensation is for sure the full package!

Earlier in his career he wanted nothing more but to get signed, and as time passed he very discouraged and often thought about giving up when that did not happen. He believes some people would have quit from waiting, but he decided not to quit in the middle of the trial and kept pushing. Saladin understands that if you quit, you will never know how far you could have made it. He believes you should chase what you want and ignore the noise of naysayers.

“If you feel like it is for you, don’t stop. Life it too short.”

                                                   Bryan Saladin

Now, Saladin is performing on big stages, and has signed a management deal with LA based record label, Entourage. He records, mixes and masters himself, so he can easily spend 15 hours in the studio when he is recording. After his first show in Tampa, he picked up an army of loyal fans and feels as if the city shows him the most support. He loves the southern charm and the palm trees that Florida has to offer.

While performing, Saladin went from being nervous to feeling euphoric. He warms up by doing vocal training, listening to his songs, and envisioning the outcome. He meditates, and thinks about his body movements, so that he can manifest a great performance. Bryan goes to every show with the determination to win one person over and leave with a new fan.

Follow Bryan Saladin on Instagram for his upcoming projects and performances. The Heartless King (@bryansaladinmusic) • Instagram photos and videos

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