Rapper and businessman, Lockcool, is from Melbourne, Florida where he gets nothing but love and support for his movement. He got his name from 1 of his father’s friends, a Florida DJ with the same name and he later took it and ran with it. When he is not in the studio making music, he runs his own dog kennel. A true music lover, when Lockcool gets in the studio he will stay in the booth for days straight working on his craft. With over 400 songs in the vault, Lockcool says that his biggest financial obligation with his career is marketing. The music industry is always difficult to break into as an independent artist, so having a strong plan of execution and setting goals for his accomplishments helps to keep him 10 toes down. The laid back 305 rapper has a quiet demeanor about him when he is not in artist form, and turns into a whole Rap God when in performance mode.

Lockcool does not categorize his self in any single genre because he feels that he can get on any song or beat and go off! With the biggest pandemic to hit the world in a long time, the Coronavirus, the rapper says that 2020 brought the ‘survival mode’ out of people. He took the necessary steps to stay focused and solid with his career during that time and has been breaking new milestones ever since. He and his team are on the move and getting to the money.  Lockcool believes “Lock Up the Gwap Part 1” hosted by Hip-Hop legendary A&R, Bigga Rankin is his best project so far. Coming up, he is dropping a new single titled “Elevators” and releasing a new mixtape “Lock Up the Gwap Part 2.”

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  1. nice work i appericate at u for this one was defintely a power move we bout to move mountains!!!

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