By: Carisha the Journalist

Rappers Yung JD and LV Jay hail from Liberty City, Florida and are 2 of the cities names going up in the music industry to watch out for. Not only rappers, but they are also entrepreneurs who believe in the importance of education and time management. They also created their own record label and clothing line titled ‘Just Because’. The clothing line is an urban based collection for today’s wave of Pop-Culture lovers. The rappers understand that being independent is costly in both time and finances. They are grateful to have a strong team that supports them, and they believe in supporting black business. With Rolling Stone reporting a large increase of the success for independent artists due to DIY music uploads the amount of opportunity for artists without major Record Label backing is unimaginable.

Yung JD, who’s voice is out of this world, delivers lyrical punchlines. He creates music because he wants to be heard. His mission is to change lives and be felt. Yung JD motivated former athlete and label mate, LV Jay, to begin rapping. Louis Vuitton Jay who came up with his stage name by being a fan of the notorious fashion house ‘Louis Vuitton’ has a more melodic type of story telling with his music. After being in a car accident in 2018 and dealing with the trauma of recovery, LV Jay fell in love with music and discovered he had a passion for the art of it. This led to him beginning his journey as a rapper and using his lyrics to express his self. With more of a writer’s eye for his sound and not having any children yet, his idea is to provide a diary of his life for them in the future. The dynamic duo is working on building their fast growing fan base by doing shows and features throughout Florida and of course networking.

Yung JD and LV Jay have upcoming projects both together and separately. For updates on singles, mixtapes, and performances. Follow them on IG @Yung_JD @LV_Jay @just8ecause 2 Of 2 & 6/7 🐶 (@lv_jay) • Instagram photos and videos Yung JD (@yung_jd) • Instagram photos and videos

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